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HughesNet Gen4: Ushering In a New Era of Satellite Internet

Hughes invented satellite Internet, and since its inception has been working to improve it. HughesNet Gen4 is the latest effort to give families and residents throughout the country fast satellite Internet service.

What is HughesNet Gen4?

HughesNet Gen4 is the fourth generation high-speed satellite Internet service from Hughes.

What does HughesNet Gen4 do?

HughesNet Gen4 is designed to help you get the most out of your Internet experience. By using a combination of high-capacity satellites, customer support and expert engineering, HughesNet Gen4 can offer superior service.

How is HughesNet Gen4 different?

Hughes has always been dedicated to providing an Internet service in areas where options are minimal. But how is HughesNet Gen4 different? It offers bigger, faster, stronger Internet. Wherever you choose to make your home, you can send emails to your family faster, update your blog more easily, listen to music more clearly and share pictures more quickly.

With HughesNet Gen4, HughesNet makes it possible for you to explore the Internet on your own time, in your own home, wherever you live.

Powerful Internet starts with powerful technology: EchoStar XVII

The new HughesNet Gen4 service is available thanks in part to the new HughesNet satellite, EchoStar XVII.

What is EchoStar XVII?

EchoStar XVII is the new HughesNet satellite, and is one of the highest-capacity satellites ever built.

What does the new satellite do?

EchoStar XVII makes it possible to access the greatest download capacity of any satellite Internet provider.

How is EchoStar XVII different?

As a high-capacity satellite, EchoStar XVII can support high-bandwidth applications. With a multi-spot beam and bent pipe Ka-band architecture, the EchoStar XVII is capable of delivering the highest-quality satellite Internet.

EchoStar XVII joins the existing Hughes satellite network, and will lead the way toward a brighter satellite Internet future.

What are high-bandwidth applications?

High-bandwidth applications are all the media-rich activities you love to do online: play videos, make online phone calls, share pictures and listen to music.

With HughesNet Gen4, record a video of your nephew taking his first steps, upload it and email it to your out-of-town family members in minutes.

Snap a few pictures at your company picnic, upload them to your desktop and make an online album to share with your co-workers.

Download the soundtrack to your favorite movie and have it playing throughout your home in seconds.

Entertain your grandkids by watching movies right on your desktop.

The new Hughes satellite delivers more than just fast Internet. HughesNet Gen4 is fast Internet for your whole family.

Why waste your time with slow Internet when you could have HughesNet Gen4?

Hughes believes residents even in the most remote areas should have the opportunity to have high-speed Internet service. Because of this belief, HughesNet satellite Internet service is available across the entire United States, with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.

With the major milestone of implanting HughesNet Gen4, HughesNet customers will experience additional capacity in a noticeable way — better performance, faster speeds and higher download capacity.

This fourth generation of satellite Internet is the best remedy for households that have been overlooked by cable and DSL Internet companies.

You don't have to wait around for the future of satellite Internet. Get HughesNet Gen4 today.

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